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Improvement effect of spots and reddish face

Since the wavelength of IPL has the characteristic of being absorbed by specific substances such as melanin pigment and the red color of hemoglobin, it can be expected to improve spots, freckles, reddish face, etc. by selecting the wavelength suitable for each symptom. ..

Since the melanin pigment that causes general spots and freckles is present in the epidermis and blood vessels are present in the subcutaneous tissue below the dermis, the wavelength acts from the deep part of the skin to the surface layer.

Skin Rejuvenation effect

Rejuvenation is translated as rejuvenation, but you can expect a Skin Rejuvenation effect by irradiating the entire face with IPL. The skin is layered with the epidermis and dermis from the outside, but in IPL treatment, the cooling device can intentionally stimulate the dermis while preventing the epidermis from being damaged by heat.

The dermis is a layer that can be said to be the majority of the skin, with components such as collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Thermal energy is generated when the wavelength of the IPL reacts with the water in the dermis. Then, the natural healing power that tries to heal the cells that have been stimulated by heat works, and new components are generated. This will improve symptoms such as shallow wrinkles, open pores, firmness and lack of elasticity .

Non-ablative skin rejuvenation uses a cooling device to protect the epidermis from thermal damage while causing fine damage to the dermis, which triggers a healing process that eventually increases collagen and improves plastic surgery. It is a treatment method to obtain. -Since the heat action of IPL is relatively weak, very thin and shallow wrinkles, opening of pores to some extent, and decrease in elasticity are therapeutic indications, but sagging and deep wrinkles are not indicated.

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